Melayu Boleh! Phenomenal

The phenomenal growth of Malaysia under the leadership of its previous prime minister has brought about a patriotic sense of achievement amongst its people especially Melayu.

The Government has led the way to show that Malay can (Melayu boleh) excel in whatever they put their minds to, and this, in no small way, has produced a society that tries to outdo itself (sometimes at ridiculous levels, if truth be told) in the endeavours it pursues.

Embodying this spirit is the slogan "Melayu Boleh!" which loosely translated means "Malays Can Do It!" How this slogan came to be the "battle cry" of a Malay politic party is rather sketchy but the general belief is that it was the slogan used by a health beverage in its marketing campaign in the 80s until now.

It caught on and soon cries of Melayu Boleh! Were heard, first only at political events like the Malay Politic Conference then later everywhere else as it was embraced wholeheartedly by the Malay people as a means to push them to endure and accept challenge, to set targets, to excel.

The "Melayu Boleh!" spirit has since produced many achievers and achievements, and has been a cornerstone of the success story that is the new Malaysia.

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