Survey: Malaysian lead exciting sex lives

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians lead a relatively active and exciting sex life compared with the global average, according to Durex’s Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey.

The second report from its survey said that 79% of Malaysians -- compared with 67% of the world’s lovers -- make love weekly.

Furthermore, over 35% Malaysians do so three times a week or more, versus a global average of only 10%.

However, this is not enough for 54% of Malaysians and 62% of the world’s lovers who would like it to happen more often, the condom-maker said in a statement.

This is part of the second wave results from the latest Durex’s Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, which builds on the Sexual Satisfaction report revealed in April.

Almost two thirds of Malaysians (62%) say they lead an exciting love life. This is compared with a global total of 50%, just 43% of Thais, 32% of adults in Hong Kong and a mere 10% of Japanese.

Moreover, 60% of Malaysians feel uninhibited when making love and just 31% are uncomfortable telling their partners what they want.

The survey also revealed that Malaysians are considered romantic when it comes to spicing things up with more than two-thirds (67%) saying that a relaxing massage is important to them while 45% like to wear sexy underwear.

When asked what would improve their love lives, most of the respondents said that more romance (74%), better communication with their partners (66%) and more fun (64%) would be among their top priorities.