Can Malay Girls Wear Bikini in Malaysia?

If there is one piece of attire Malaysian women dread shopping for most, it probably the sexy bathing suit so-called bikini? There is, perhaps, no other garment that shows off the body in quite such a revealing manner. Malaysian Women everywhere in urban cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru spend much time, money and worry on the challenge of how to look good in a bikini. You can buy bikini in major outlet in most shopping complex in Malaysia.

Match your bikini with accessories that give you a total look. Sunglasses, sandals and a great cover-up add to your overall appearance. Try a sandal with a sturdy wedged heel to add length to your legs. Make sure that you are going to be comfortable in the bathing suit you choose. You don't want to be uncomfortable at the pool. Make sure to get bikini patterns or colors that are bright and summery. Malay girls love to wear "bunga raya" bikini. They feel more Malaysian if they wear it.

Can Malay Girls wear bikini in Malaysia beach? it very hard to tell. We suggest Malay girls only wear bikini in private pools/beaches. If love to go to public beaches, Sentosa Island, Singapore was best option for you.