Aksi Skodeng Gadis Bertudung at Maybank, Malaysia

By referring from my older post ‘Voyeurism in Malaysia’, I suppose you don’t get all of that in the urban or suburban areas. However, with the advent of the internet, voyeurism has experienced new dimensions. Such kinds of voyeurism such as Skodeng Gadis Bertudung is motivated by the fact that the ‘other’ party is ‘willing’ to let the voyeurs see and read about their ‘experiences’ in sex or matters alluding to sex and sexuality.

This is unlike the olden days where peeping toms are often ‘rejected’ by the mainstream society. Voyeurisms in the olden days are relegated to the ‘bottom of society’ or ‘outcasts of society’ so to speak. Today, in the internet, the sinful and fringe (perhaps some may say pervert) behavior has become the normal. You can see, latest pictures of Skodeng Gadis Bertudung In Maybank, Malaysia below: