Getting Paid By Google AdSense In Malaysia

Did you know that Google AdSense sends out checks in local currencies to publishers in 43 countries? And now, they're supporting Electronic Funds Transfer in 16 countries.

If your country is not eligible for local currencies or electronic funds transfer, you can still get paid. But, you will have to find a way to cash in US dollar checks

If you from Malaysia, yes, you still can get paid. The best way is request your check using standard postal service.

But here come thie worse part, you will recive your check about 2 weeks after they send it by mail. You also have to wait until 30 days (floating cheque) after you bank-in to your local bank.

Malaysian local bank usually take high charge such as buying at rate RM3.5/RM3.45 per dolar (depend on current rate), 10% commission fee and "unknown" commission for money transfer service (us bank to malaysian bank to your own bank account)

Overall process will take about avearge (30+14 days) = 44 days to get your money into your bank account. It not include how manay days/month you should wait to reach total minimum USD100 in your google adsense account