GOOGLE ADSENSE: Affiliates Program

Starting Info About Google Adsense Program

The Google AdSense affiliate is a popular one among bloggers and website owners. If you don't have a Google AdSense account, I encourage you to sign up now - This is one good way to earn some money from your blog. You can use the same account in all other blogs and websites that you have.

Some Tips About Google AdSense:

1) Create targeted content (blog entries).
And, offer a LOT of relevant content that people would like to look for and to read about. Also, if you have a great blog with lots of good content, people would keep coming back to your blog. And, this way, when people search for a topic that you wrote about, you can serve Google AdSense to them. Hopefully, to encourage clickthroughs and leads as well.

2) If you have more than one blog or website,
Use Google AdSense in all of them. The more your AdSense is served to the public, the better. However, the basic rules of netiquette and good blog/site design should still apply.

3) Put Google AdSense ads in strategic places in your blog.
But, try not to overwhelm your blog readers and visitors with them.

4) Never try to create "fake" pages that serve Google AdSense. These are pages that have no real content, but just filled with keywords or duplicate content from other places, etc. This will be considered spamming. And, if you're caught, you might lose your AdSense account.

5) Update your page regularly.
Search engines love regularly updated blogs and sites. And, if search engines love your blog, then people can find your site that serve Google AdSense much easier.

6) Don't click on your own ads!
This sort of activity may be caught by Google and cause your affiliate account to be shut down.