Malaysians do not have lacklustre sex lives

IT’S not true that Malaysians have lacklustre sex lives.

This was the opinion of the majority of people interviewed by The Malay Mail y e s t e rda y.

Most of them doubted the accuracy of the recent Durex Sexual Well-being Global survey.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, stated that 62 per cent of 1,026 Malaysians were not satisfied with their sexual relationship but most people The Malay Mail met yesterday thought o t he r w i s e.

It was reported that fewer than two out of every five Malaysians were contented with their sexual relationships, leaving 38 per cent of the overall figure happy with their partners.

But this figure was disputed by many who said the figures may not be accurate and that they have happy sexual relationships with their partners despite leading successful careers.

This was what our readers said y e s t e rda y : l Majid Abdul Manaf, 27, advertising executive, Klang “The survey cannot be trusted as I’m sure Malaysians are satisfied with their partners. They may be affected by their commitments which at times keep couples apart for a while. But I do n ’t hear them complaining about their sex lives.” l Nor Esah Abd Ghani, 41, purchasing manager, Bangsar “It cannot be. The figures are shady and can’t be real. The accuracy of the survey is suspect because respondents from different areas have different sexual desires. I believe the survey focused on a narrow segment of society.

As far as I’m concerned, Malaysians are sexually satisfied. The latest divorce figures can prove t h i s. ” l Alvin Cheng, 36, marketing manager, Puchong “The figures shock me. I thought most Malaysians were satisfied with their sex lives. I’m happy with mine.” l Zulkifli Mohd Basar, 35, technician, Rawang “The figures can’t be right. I do n ’t know about the rest but I’m happily married with two children as proof. I feel Malaysians have struck a balance, including sexual h a b it s. ” l Vijay Anand, 29, art director, Kuala Lumpur “I was expecting the survey to have 80 per cent of Malaysians satisfied but when I saw the paper today, I was shocked. The accuracy of the survey is questionable. I think Malaysians are better than that.” l Andrea Liew, 34, financial controller, Petaling Jaya “It ’s a reasonable figure although it’s slightly higher than average. But taking into consid- eration our population growth, the outcome of the survey could be true. Many people are more busy building careers than thinking about sex.” l Janet Silvaraju, 32, business development executive, Kuala Lumpur “It ’s hard to define but 62 per cent of Malaysians not satisfied with their sex lives is high for a loving nation like ours. It’s obvious that most Malaysians are expressive when it comes to sex.

However, sexual satisfaction is up to an individual.” l Faizatul Akmar, 29, marketing manager, Kuala Lumpur “That figure is too high and I doubt that the majority of the respondents would have answered honestly. I’m satisfied with my married life. I don’t contribute to that figure.” l S. Kumarenthiran, 32, broadcasting executive, Petaling J a ya “It ’s absurd. I doubt the accuracy of the survey. One can be too quick to judge sexual satisfaction and I don’t agree with the outcome of the survey. Most of my friends are happy with their sex lives. Some even have a schedule for it.” l Wong, 37, gym instructor, Kuala Lumpur “It ’s possible Malaysians find ‘re a l ’ satisfaction but sometimes when children come along, the level of satisfaction goes down.

Maybe that’s the case with the Durex survey.” l Zaliza Mohd Rathi, 35, supervisor, Kuala Lumpur “It might be accurate. I find it hard to make time for sex because I am busy most of the time. Most women have good careers and as a result, they compromise on the time for sex.” l John Lee, 29, artist manager, Kuala Lumpur “That can’t be. Most Malaysians seem to lead a healthy and happy life, be it, sexual or marital. Most are able to discuss and relate their needs in a relationship. So I do n ’t understand why the percentage of dissatisfied partners is so h ig h . ” The 2007 Durex survey, which was released this week, again hit Malaysians below the belt.

The survey listed Malaysians as among those who have the least satisfactory sexual relationships, compared with several other countries, with an global average dissatisfaction rate of 56 per c e nt